Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Taxing ...

Taxing: (adjective) Physically or mentally demanding; not easily borne.

Mid-April. It taxes me. Literally. If you know me, I feel certain that if asked, proscrastinate and dread, would not be two verbs you would use to describe me. Normally, they don't apply (except when it comes to grocery shopping but that's another topic for another day! ;)

I prefer to get a jump start on the things that must be done, not put them off or wallow in the dread of doing them.  I don't put off doing the laundry, the dishes, making the bed (you get the idea).  Those things are part of our day to day life and left undone things become a mess (disorder reigns supreme!). If you were to ask my grandgirls, they'd tell you "Nana, don't like a mess" (and they'd be right!). 

I'm certain I could be the Nike spokeswoman (not because of my athletic abilities) but because I can (quite often) be heard saying (yep, you guessed it .....)

(Of course, it must be said in a tone of intolerance in order to be an accurate description.  I know, I know.  I'm working on it.)

Today is Monday, April 11th and I know what that means.  It means that for the next several days, I can be found going through bank statements and receipts, using the calculator and fretting.  I feel certain I'll make several phone calls to the hubs and say "Do you remember ......?" It's then that I'll be on the receiving end of an intolerant tone (and rightly so). 

I'll step away. Get a grip and then go back to it.  Finally, towards the end of the week, I'll place all my hard work & calculations in an envelope and make my yearly trek  pilgrimage  journey trip to Hamlin, where I will be greeted by (my friend & owner of H&R Block) Lisa Fay ("I knew I'd see you this week") and there I'll leave it all in her capable hands.  She'll call me the next day and tell me the jury is in and give me my verdict the news.  I'll sigh but at least then ... it will be over. 

I won't have to deal with procrastination or dread (atleast not) until 2012.  As history dictates, (in late January) I'll place the W2 form in the china cabinet, where it will stay until just before the tax deadline.  Then, once again, I'll (chastise myself for my ridiculousness and) spend the next few days with my bank statements, receipts & calculator.  Then (and only then) I'll make my annual visit to see my friend's smiling face and hear her voice "I knew I'd see you this week" ............