Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wisdom by Boochie

Anna Elisabeth.
Lovin' on her daddy during church.
My Boochie.

This picture makes me wanna break out in song ...
 "Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
Isn't she precious?"

Her Papaw Bozo declares she's the most like me of all four grandgirlies and he may be right. It's here that I feel the need to insert that she has him totally wrapped around her little finger. It happened early on and I have evidence. Ladies & gentleman, I present to you Exhibit A ...

Papaw Bozo admiring the newborn Anna ...
Let the manipulation begin!
She's conservative and practical. A deep thinker. She's not given to much foolishness.

Well, unless she's very tired then watch out. Giggles reign supreme!

I said all that to say this:

Every once in a while, I talk to the girls about being careful ... mindful ... of strangers or even people that they know or are acquainted with who may, for lack of a better word, make them feel uncomfortable or uneasy.
(Lest you think me too brazen in my role as Nana, this is something reiterated by their parents).

Yesterday I had such a conversation to which Anna says
"Why are we talking about this?"
(I heard "again" at the end of the question, although it wasn't said. She's intolerant of redundancy ;)

"Well I just wanted to remind you because ..."
"Not everyone loves God."  (Well, yes Wise One. Exactly). 
"And some times there are mean people around, who pretend to be nice. Do you remember what you're supposed to do?"  
Emily chimed in and (impressively) both girls remembered all the things they were supposed to in order to thwart the evil plan of our imaginary abductor.  "Scream -- loud. Never stop screaming. Scratch. Anywhere. Everywhere.  Kick -- hard (in their "daddy parts" if possible). Poke them in the eyes. Bite. Bite hard .... "
Em: "I don't want to bite."
Me: "Yes, you have to bite. Bite hard." 
Em: "No, I don't want to bite."  
To which Anna advised (perceptively reading the look on her elder sister's face) ...
"Emmy, you bite them and then wash your mouth out later!"




So remember ...
"Not everyone loves God."
(bite first, wash later ;)
Wisdom by Boochie.