Saturday, August 17, 2013


laundry. saturday. synonyms?
not technically
mr. webster's answer would be "no" unequivocally
but what did he know about working women and laundry?
i dare say not much

it's saturday and you know the old adage
"the more things change, the more they stay the same"
the change being that my boys are grown and
the same being saturday means laundry.

i'm convinced that regardless of what stage of life you're in if you're a woman and you have a job that takes you outside of the home during the week then (more often than not) saturday is laundry day.

this morning, while emptying the hamper and separating clothes (two small loads. three if you count towels) my mind wandered back to a time when saturday would have found me covered up in piles of a week's worth of dirty clothes -- piles of jeans, khakis, socks, underwear, jerseys, t-shirts, nike shirts (galore) and last but not least, football uniforms (not one, but two) from friday night's game -- my hallway often looked like a mine-field. 

have you ever just had a moment with your laundry?
have your eyes filled with tears and your heart ache as your mind is flooded with memories?
anyone else miss smelly football clothes in the fall of the year? anyone?

let me preface what i'm about to say with this. i would have never, ever imagined that i would miss massive amounts of laundry and, lest you think me diagnosable, it's not the laundry i miss at all.

it's the process that finds me melancholy standing in front of the washing machine early on a saturday morning. the process of raising children. my children. those precious babies God so graciously trusted me to keep and care for and yes, do their laundry.

So ....

by the way, a little later in the day, i shared my laundry moment with my daughter-in-law, the wife of my youngest son. she graciously offered to let me do his laundry. she's a giver.