Monday, October 7, 2013

Unto Thee, O Lord ...

At 4:00 a.m. I woke up
or maybe I was woken up
I'm still unsure
At any rate,
music immediately filled my groggy head
"Unto thee O Lord ....."
(youth camp?)
"do I lift up my soul ...."
(yeah, definitely a youth camp song)
"Unto thee O Lord, do I lift up my soul ..."
(Really Lord? A song from youth camp? I'm 52.)
~ Which reminded me of Proverbs 22:6 ~
"O my God, I trust in thee .... "
(where is that scripture any way?)
"Let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me"
(sing it again!)
After I sang it a few times in my head,
(the hubs was sound asleep)
I got up, made coffee and went in search of the scripture.
I knew it was in Psalms
 (a sacred song or poem used in worship; especially : 
 one of the biblical hymns collected in the Book of Psalms)
So I went there ...
to Psalms, a beautiful book, authored by several but
most were written by David,
a man after God's own heart
(I Sam. 13:14, Acts 13L22)
I figure if a song written by a man after God's own heart
wakes you woke at 4 a.m.
(90 minutes before the alarm is to go off)
 a gal ought to pay attention.

Psalms 25: 1-2
There it was
(btw, I looked on my own for a short time then "Goggled" it.
Give me a break --- it's early! ;)
Of course, I read the whole chapter.
It's so beautiful, uplifting, encouraging.
Everything a psalm ought to be ...
it's all in there.
So I'm going for it. The theme (& song) for today is Psalms 25:1-22.
After reading it all, I feel certain that was the plan -- His plan ---
Let me encourage you to read it too.
I feel certain this early morning wake up call wasn't meant for me alone.
Have a great day! :)