Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Irony & The Ecstasy

Irony: An outcome of events contrary to what was or might have been, expected.

I made myself a promise before the season began ... I was NOT going to spend the Winter of 2012 whining, complaining and anticipating misery.  I mean really, I was sick of listening to myself.
 I can't even imagine what those closest to me thought about my constant murmuring.

It probably went something like this:  
"Awww, enough already. UNCLE. It's Winter. It's cold. We get it. SHUT UP!" ...

(Let me be clear. No one actually spoke those words to me. Those were things I thought to myself - about myself -during my"Winter Whinery" of 2011 ;)

But, believe me, the irony of this winter's weather (thus far) and my decision to embrace all things snow and ice has not been lost on me. If I'd known embracing the wintry climate would make it go away I would've done it years ago. (I'm just kidding. I know my acceptance has nothing to do with it's disappearance. Duh! I mean, that's just silly, right? Of course, that's ridiculous. Right?  ;)

Today's temps were so awesome that Emily & I went for a long walk here on the creek before church. It was heavenly.  It's February 1st for goodness sake. This just doesn't happen.
We both loved it :)

 Looking for the horses ...

Country girl!

Nana's biggest girlie :)

This was Trinka's (chihuahua) first walk up the holler.
She didn't know what to do with herself! :)
The Retrievers, Jackson & Rosie,
loved the company and were in their glory ...

The daffodils are trying to bloom ...

I had a hard time keeping her out of the creek.
It was warm ... but not that warm.

The hills are still barren but, it's warm so I don't care  ...

I can't even express how happy the warmth makes me ...
Sooooo happy ...

Unfortunately, the unseasonably warm temperatures also bring about  things that do not make me happy. SNAKES! While I've not seen one, I have heard several reports that they are out & enjoying the warmth as well.

See that? It's a hole, in the hill, next to a tree ...
Yep, if I was a snake, I'd live there.
Very cozy and CREEPY!

Jackson walking on water ...

See that look?
I'd recognize it anywhere.
That's pure ....

Ecstasy: A state of exalted delight, joy; delight, bliss, elation.


  1. It's fabulous out. I had the hardest time getting Zara to come inside on Tuesday. lol Your photos are beautiful. :-)

    1. Thank you Tabitha ... I haven't had time to mess with Instagram but I'm excited to learn. (BTW, your cupcakes were the biggest hit with the kids - and the hubs! :)

  2. beautiful landscape. the winter blues always make me see the world as dismal but i still try to see the good in each day. :)


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