Saturday, November 1, 2014

Let The Thankfulness Begin!

Today is November 1st.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Where has this year gone?"

It was one of change in our home and thankfully, unlike it's predecessors (aka 2011, 2012 & 2013) those changes were overwhelmingly positive and have left me full of hope.

I like that about 2014.

November 1st is kinda the unofficial start of the holiday season, don't ya think?

In a few weeks we'll be in the throes of it all. The 4th Thursday will find us (hopefully) surrounded by family & friends, stuffed to the gills, going through the sales paper to plan our Black Friday attack and from that point, it's on but for now ...

Right now ...

We have time to think about the past ten months. What they held. What changed. What we wished had changed.

I have no idea what season of life you're in.  You may be exactly where you want to be or very close to it. The thought of that makes me happy for you --- whoever you may be.

But wherever this post finds you, I challenge you to take the time to look around and count your blessings. Some will be obvious to you. Others you may have to seek out.

I suppose it's unfair of me to assume your 2014 whizzed by as quickly as mine did but whatever it's speed, I pray it treated you & those you love with kindness.

Let the thankfulness begin!


  1. The year definitely has been one that I'll not soon forget because of all the health crises that have hit our family. Throughout it all, though, the Lord has showed me that He is in control and that our timeline may not coincide with His plans. Being thankful in ALL things has an entirely new meaning these days.

  2. My year has flown by too. I've experienced change and not all of it has been welcome, but I accept that things can't stay the same forever.
    I'm glad I happened upon your post, I like your attitude and I hope I'll let the thankfulness begin today!
    Have a peaceful Sunday.



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