Saturday, January 2, 2016


Long time no see.
How have you been?
Me? I'm fine, thank you.

Oh, I almost forgot ...
Happy New Year!
Can you believe it's 2016?  Me either.
As usual, the end of something and the beginning of another prompts a gal to thought. I've thought about it and prayed about it for a while now and have decided that 2016 needs something to define it, to plan on, look forward to, strive towards.  A theme of sorts.
With that said, my intention is to be intentional this year.
adjective: intentional
done on purpose; deliberate.

In every. single. thing...
                                            in my marriage.
                                            in my home.
                                            in my church.
                                            with my family.
                                            with my health.
                                            in my community.
                                            in my job.
                                            in my friendships.
       (and perhaps even)  in my blogging.
                                          (Although the jury is still out on this one. Only time will tell but you'll be the first to know!)



  1. Sounds like an excellent plan! Happy New Year! :-)


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