Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday 2011 ...

It’s the first Monday of 2011 and I got up bright & early (but only because the phone rang), I’ve snuggled with my Boochie-girl (who was also woke up early by the phone), made her breakfast, read my Bible, had my devotions & prayed.  Hmmmm, this Monday, this NEW Monday, is not too dissimilar from my Mondays of yesteryear (aka 2010 ;) …. What’s up with that?
Shouldn’t I be working on menu plans, a new budget (so awesome it will free the Dial Home from debt in 2011;), clipping coupons,  mopping  floors, vacuuming, dusting, stripping beds … shouldn’t I?  Uh, the answer to that question is “yes”…. and I will …
I spent the last evening of 2010 just as I did last New Year’s Eve, with a group of ladies from my church … laughing, bonding (which always includes eating in the Church of God:), learning, teaching, praising and praying our way into the new year and I’m so glad I did. Yes, there was effort made to get there and I’m glad I made the effort but more importantly, I’m glad I was given the opportunity to do so.  This was the second year the ladies of our church met on New Year’s Eve and I hope it becomes an annual event.  It’s powerful … encouraging … necessary.   
I’m looking forward to what 2011 holds, although I’m aware of a few challenges it promises to bring, but that’s okay, ‘cause I also know that the Lord is in control and I absolutely trust and know that He’s a Father with my best interest in mind. No worries there :)
Here are a few pictures of our meeting on New Year's Eve ...
 We had a small group but The Word says "where two or three are gathered ...."

 "Sis. Pastor" ... Dreama Wilson

 DJ (who turned from the camera!), my mom, Sis. Darlene & Sis. Sheila (on the front row)

 Natalie blessed us with a song & did a fantastic job!

Sis. Coreen, Sis. Janice, Sis. Marcella & Sis. Lee

 DJ turned away again!

Little Miss Lexi sang for us too! 
So, I’ll get to "all things Monday" in a little while.  I’ve learned in my nearly 32 years of homemaking it’ll be there … no one is going to jump in and do it for me (unfortunately!;)  but first, I want to encourage any and all who read this to schedule time in your life for God.  It’s the Word that was given for our church, which means it’s for all of us. Make time for Him …. develop your relationship with Him & nurture it throughout 2011, one on one. You’ll be glad you did!
Ok, now onto my day …. God bless!

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  1. Such great advice Kimberly. I spent time today trying to choose a life verse to follow for this year. Time with God is never wasted.


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