Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hmmm, what to say?

You know, it's funny when I had the thought to start this blog it never occurred to me that I might have difficulty putting my thoughts into words; well, I was wrong.  The problem may be that I have too many thoughts! ;-)   One thing does come to mind that I would like to share.  I was sitting at my dining table a couple of weeks ago, making a "Things To Do" list & listening to Kari Jobe in the background ("You Are For Me" - oh that song speaks to me!).  Grocery shopping was on that list of "Things To Do" and that is my most unfavorite thing -- of course this comes as no surprise to any one who knows me.  I had made a conscious decision a year or two ago, to quit complaning about having to go to the grocery store and be grateful that I could go.  I must admit that the decision to take on an attitude of gratitude in regard to my most unfavorite homemaker chore has made all the difference. (Don't get me wrong. I have, on occasion, had to remind myself of my resolve to be grateful ;). It was during this quiet time, that I began to thank the Lord that He is so mindful of my needs, for His faithfulness.  So thankful that what's important to me is also important to Him.  My heart became full and as I felt His presence, so sweet, He spoke to me that He would like what's important to Him to be important to me as well.  That thought had never entered my mind before.  Isn't that just like God, to speak to us in such a gentle way? A gracious reminder that while I have needs (that He has promised to meet, in His way, in His timing) there are others out there who have needs to be met too (and who may not be aware of His love for them); that He is also mindful of their needs, wants & desires.  Since that day, I've been much more aware of others; I 'look' at people a little differently -- hopefully with His eyes.  I need to be aware of the hurting, the lost, depressed, oppressed and whether it's on a one-on-one basis or through my church, food pantry, etc., I need to be about My Father's business.  Regardless of what our gift or ministry is, we have all been called to LOVE!  He's a good God!

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  1. Lord help us to be mindful of us to be your hand extended, loving others with reckless abandon...fill us up with You so there is nothing left of ourselves...amen
    Thanks Kim


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