Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anchors away ...God bless the USS Doyle

Today is the day the USS Doyle begins a six-month deployment.  This is the longest deployment thus far since my son has been in the Navy and I know that by some standards it's not considered to be a long time, many are gone for at least a year.  The Doyle is a Frigate (and frigates are the smallest war ships the Navy has).  It's job (on this deployment & every one my son has been on thus far) is to police the seas between the southeastern US and South America and deter the drug traffic.  Although we in the US are getting ready to go into our winter season, because they will go through the Panama Canal and below the equator, it will be approaching the Summer season in the southern hemisphere.  I'm praying this doesn't mean there will be more drug traffic.  I know they will go down the coast of Chile but I'm unsure where else. Joshua has promised to communicate via e-mail when possible.  Oh how I love him but he really is the worse at keeping in touch whether sailing the high seas or at his home in Florida so I'm praying he takes the time & throws me a bone with an occasional e-mail.  I'm trusting the Lord to keep him & everyone aboard safe, to give widsom to those in command and to keep every wife, child, mother, father, sister, brother of those on deployment safe & healthy in their absence.  I know He can and I believe He will.  He's a good God. 

About a year ago, I was in prayer and terribly concerned about Joshua (right before he first deployment) when I had a vision of all the world's oceans and saw all the ships as they floated. It was night and many had lights on but some were illuminated only by the moonlight.  It was at that time that the Lord laid on my heart to pray for every ship and every son and daughter aboard them because not everyone knows Jesus or has a praying family member lifting their name to God for salvation, safety & health. "Lord, touch them, save and keep them safe in Jesus name" is my prayer for all the ships in all the seas.

So begins a six-month wait for my son to be Stateside again.  I'm praying Winter flies by and Spring quickly brings him & everyone aboard The Doyle back home safe & sound in Jesus name!

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