Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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Tuesday PhotoDump

Well, you know what they say ...

"Better late than never"
(they are always saying things like that, aren't they?)

I know. I know. Pathetic. I'm Pathetic.
(That's what you're thinking. Admit it.)
When things get so busy that your Friday photo dump becomes your FridaySaturdaySundayMonday
Tuesday photo dump perhaps life has gotten a little out of hand.
It was supposed to be a Monday dump but my pics took longer to upload than usual & alas, the clock struck midnight ... thus the reason it's a Tuesday dump. See, I'm not as lame as you thought.

Trinka, ever present, regardless of the time, day or night, right by side.  I love her!

Emily Rae helping me clean up the deck after one of our gazillionth T-storm this summer ...

Anna Elisabeth (aka Boochie) says she's had enough ... not much of an outside girl anyway ... the heat, humidity and "work" were more than she could take!

My corn has gotten pretty tall (except for the bit blown over by the storm the night before)

And it's TASSELLED!  Can cobbs of corn be far behind? I think not!  So exciting!

It's taller than Em ...

It's taller than Nana!

A blue-eyed Emily among some brown-eyed Susans

They make me soooooo happy!

I wish my tomatoes would get red already!

We went to Big Papaw & Geggy's to bum some flowers & goodness knows my mother has a lot to bum
and I was invited so I did ;)

My daddy out on the front porch reading the morning paper.

Ruby, the hound dog, the newest addition to the family ... she's adorable

Em & Ruby hit it off immediately!

This is the bed from which I gleaned ... lots to chose from!

My momma, she's still got it ... she can garden with the best of them!

The storm the night before blew down her brown-eyed Susans as well :(

A crawdad ... they grossed me out as a kid and they don't do me any favors as an adult ...
is there anything any uglier? I think not!

 Vivian came to pick up her big sisters & they were off to race ...

Don't they look ready to run ... heck, those girls look ready to win!

Well, that's it but it's not. I'm not sure where my VBS pics are. Why are they not in this folder? Hmmmm, I have no idea. Well, being that last weeks very impromtu VBS was a huge part of the reason this post is so late, I should show you a few ... my fear is that it will be Wednesday before I locate them so, it will have to be for another day.
Good night!

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  1. The girls are just adorable!

    Your corn looks so great! My corn never got over a foot tall and then it just dried up. Our temps were so high at the time - I guess it just couldn't take it!


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