Monday, February 7, 2011

Friends of Long Ago ...

 I was 16 when my parents decided it was time to
"go home".  So the summer before my
Senior year in high school, we relocated 
to the place where both my parents
were born and raised.

I was okay with the move (which was just as well)
as it been a cherished place in my childhood.
Every summer we had made the pilgrimage to
'Almost Heaven West Virginia'
and indeed, it was a city kid's paradise!

I actually had every intention of
returning "home" after graduation but I
fell in love, married & had two babies
before I made the journey back to
'my home' eighteen years later.

I did mange to stay in contact with a few of my
childhood friends but, sadly, as is often the
case, I lost touch with just as many.
(If we'd had the luxury of the internet way back then, I'm certain most, if not all, of
those relationships would have remained intact!)

Today I'm thankful for those friends of long ago,
some I still hear from on occasion, others
I haven't seen or heard from in years and
still others have gone on to heaven.

The friends I honor today brought
such joy to my life and I can say each one still
holds a special place in my heart!

I love you all!
(I don't have pictures of them all but here are a few ...)

Me & my BFF Libba, age 14
We were inseparable!

Libba & I (16 y/o)  in a photo booth @ Magic Mountain
Here we are again, 18 years later, having an iced coffee! It was as
though we'd never been apart!

Anna, me & Libba, 18 years later, during my visit in March 1996.

Luanne Zachary & Becky Benefield - I loved them both!
(Sadly, Luanna has gone to be with the Lord but we'll meet again some day!)

Sonjia, Kelly & I, June 1978

(In closing, it has to be said that in the 32 years I've been here, I've made many, many friends that I love & cherish just as much and there's no doubt those friends will be a part of my 28 days of thankfulness!:)


  1. You have such a Big Heart Kim and Our Friends are so Precious!!!!

  2. how i love john denver! and old photos! how sweet it is to have a friend. especially several! thank you for continually reading my blog and for your kind comments!

    *the key lime cupcake is from a local bakery cutie pies and cakery in senoia, ga wish i could give you a dozen!!


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