Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lazy Saturday ...

Today has been one of those Saturdays when, if asked,
what I accomplished I would have to say "Not a thing"...

I did my grocery shopping on Thursday evening.

My dear hubby went to the bank for me this morning.

Emmy & I have hung out all day, drawing pictures,
watching movies & wiggling that loose tooth she's got ...
Papaw even joined us & took a nap on the loveseat.

Em (still wiggling her tooth) & her Papaw relaxing, enjoying a
lazy Saturday afternoon

We've had wind, rain, some sleet and occasionally the sun
peaks through the grey clouds.

So on this February Saturday, I'm thankful
for the moments of sunshine & day to lounge around
my warm home with the hubs & my Emmy Rae.


  1. Oh, but these will be the days that memories are made of....not those productive days of cleaning and organizing (necessary evils though they may be). My heart is thankful for you and Papaw Bozo-- who appreciate the "finer things in life." Love you!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful day :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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