Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Night Crew!

Yes, it's true...
We were the coolest crew!

Doc McKay (also affectionately referred to as 'Pencil')

DJ -- she's shy (NOT! :)

Natalie & Cha-Cha

DJ & Cha-Cha

DJ, Me & Cha-Cha

Cha-Cha & Me ... gone but not forgotten (I hope!)

DJ's birthday cake (IST stands for 'I Stole This' ... long story!)

We used any excuse to eat cake! This was DJ's "boob" cake prior to her breast reduction surgery. 
The memory of us explaining what we wanted on the cake still makes me chuckle!

My goodbye cake ... sniff, sniff
(The BLEEOCH/BEEOCH -- such a long story!)

I loved them ... I miss them ...
I wish them well!

I feel privileged to have been a part of them!

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  1. It looks like you had lots of fun working there :-)
    The icing for the cupcakes was Betty Crocker whipped white frosting. Yep, that store bought stuff. The whipped frosting is delicious. My cake mix was Duncan Hines though :-) I used what I had on hand. I'm going to be making more...I have to look at that calendar photo for two more weeks!
    Thanks for your sweet comments.


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