Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life is like a piano ...

This past Fall, while deep in my nesting mode, I decided that I wanted to take up the piano ... again.

I had taken lessons for a few years in my early teens but, as is often the case, I lost interest and quit.  Of all the things my parents insisted I do, I sure wish piano lessons had been one of them. Not learning to play has been one of my biggest regrets.

For a brief time, when my boys were little, I tried again but life got in the way.  The desire to learn was there but I reasoned that I simply didn't have the time for such frivolity. I was a busy wife & mother of two boys who were involved in everything coming and going. So long lessons :(

Only this time when I quit I also got rid of  the piano. It was a huge upright that had been graciously given to me so I decided to do the same. I had a friend who played beautifully but didn't have a piano in her home. She was thrilled to get it and I was happy to give it. She still has it and still plays beautifully!

When the strong desire to learn to play, once again, reared it's musical head I almost felt silly. I told myself, "Give it up Kimberly. You blew it. Forget about it girl. You don't even have a piano". Well, that much was true. When I discussed my desire with the hubs, he encouraged me to do it and suggested that we buy a piano (see why I keep him around? ;) I loved his idea but I certainly didn't want to invest a lot of money in one.

This is where the wonderfulness of the Internet comes in. I simply did a search for pianos for sale in my area and was pleasantly surprised to find several. I made a few phone calls and found a woman whose story was similar to mine. She had wanted to learn to play, her father had bought her a piano, she took lessons, lost interest and quit.  Since it was obvious to her (at least at this point in her life) that she wasn't going to learn and her daughter had no interest, she decided to sell her piano (and at a price I could afford) -- SOLD!

To make a long story short (I know, I know ... too late) I'm pursuing my dream. I fully intend to one day be able to sit down in front of my piano, look at any piece of music and play it and I'm not giving up until I can do exactly that.  The fact that I'm a grandmother only makes me appreciate it more. I know it will take a lot of time and effort to achieve my dream and I'm willing to invest that and more to make it come true.  I'm thankful to have been given another opportunity to do so. After all ....

"Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it" ~ Author Unknown

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