Friday, February 18, 2011

Miss me ....

Just a short note to let you
all know that I may be gone for a little while 
(hopefully just a couple days)
because I'm having some computer woes that
the hubs has to work on so, sadly,
my 'thankfuls' must be interrupted.

My thankful for today is that I
believe, once he actually looks at it,
I'm certain the hubs can fix it!

My thankful for yesterday was the 70+ degree
weather & gorgeous sunshine we experienced here
in the Mountain State ...
Anna & I spent most of the afternoon outside
and it just flew by ....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
I hope it's gorgeous wherever you are!


  1. I am having some computer woes fun at all! I hope you're up and running soon!!!!

  2. I hope your husband got your computer problems fixed. My 2nd son is our "go to" guy for this kind of thing :-) I'd be in trouble if it weren't for him. Glad you found your phone too. I lost my cell phone once. I don't use it all the time, so I didn't know until the person who found it called me :-) It was outside my friend's house, and her neighbor found it when she went for a walk. Your so right about it being scary with all the info there!
    I hope you're having a nice week!

  3. Kimberly,
    Are you ready to get ripped?!
    Would email me so I can add you to the email list?
    kimberleejost at yahoo dot com.

  4. Isn't sunshine the greatest!! So glad you got your share. Hope some more is on the way.

    Thank you for your ever kind comments and for reading my blog!
    Beth is actually my best friend, glad you both like the shoes!

    I moved just up the road still in Georgia I'd been in a very big house that had been vacant and was rather old since July because I had to leave an apartment I'd had for three years that I dearly loved. The family who owned it needed the apartment for family. I'd been praying for months for a new home that was more me than the big ole house, which in itself was a lifesaver and blessing. An opportunity came up for me to live in an recently refinished basement apartment of a former co-worker! So a blessing!

    Hope you are well and that your computer woes are better soon! Wishing you many more sunny days!


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