Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Countin' my blessings .....

My blessings are many  numerous innumerable so
in an attempt to distract myself from all things winter,
I will, for the next 28 days, focus on the people or 'things' 
that I enjoy, love or have been blessed to have had in my life.

Today’s wonderful thing is …………

My Dutch Oven

Per my request, my parents got me a Dutch oven for Christmas. So there would still be some element of surprise, I asked my mom to pick out the color and I must say,
 she did a fabulous job (I knew I could trust her!).   

I use it all the time & I’m not quite sure what I did without it. 
Because it is very heavy and used nearly every day, it's home is on top of the stove.
 It cooks up a pot of beans quicker & smoother than anything I’ve ever seen. 
Vegetable beef stew, potato soup …. yummo!
You can saute, brown and roast in it …
versatility in a pretty pot!
I love it! 
Please note that these wonderful things (or people) will be presented in a random fashion as they pop in my head and not in their order of importance (or wonderfulness) in my life.  

If for some reason you're not listed (and feel that you should be ;) 
just know that it's only because February has 28 days and like I said 
"My blessings are innumberable"!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

If February is here, can Spring be far behind? Nope! ;)


  1. I am sure I will make it!!! My awesomeness is too grand to make it into one of the 28 days. By the way.. you are talking about a Dutch Oven but It looks like a pot? Am I missing something or are Dutch people just wierd
    love DJ

  2. Who said that blessings have to be big? We could fill pages and pages with the ordinary, everyday things that bless our lives. Thank you for the reminder!


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