Thursday, February 10, 2011

My KyKy ...

Kylie Jo ...
She's beautiful.
Sweet as sugar.
Makes the funniest faces.
Says the funniest things.
She reminds me of her daddy as a child.

She loves kittens but her daddy is allergic.
She has a pet turtle named "Snailtail".
She is a girlie girl.
Loves to play Barbies.

Her daddy 'fights pirates all the time'.
She loves him very much.
She misses him a lot.

She touchs her Nana's heart.
Loves me as much as I love her.
That's a lot of love.
I'm thankful she's mine.

Kylie Jo waiting on her cousin to get off the school bus, Sept. 2010

She loves 'Patience', the aptly named kitten

Playin on the unfinished 'Cousins Crossing' bridge. Kids in the country have the most fun!

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